March 12th, 2020


What makes a luxury event? Is it about the grand design and all the smaller elements that fit this grand design? Is it about the people attending to guests’ every need? It is certainly both these things but, according to Grace Kennedy, it is also about the wow factor and the people involved who make the event one to remember.

Here is a sample of some of our suggestions for a luxury event:

  • Hire a celebrity chef for the event.
  • Thousands of flowers forming ceiling installations.
  • Tiffany & Co luxury gifts for every guest.
  • Designing a starry night indoors, complete with crystal chandeliers and fairy lights.
  • Arrange live music — a famous “name” or “covers” band, 
  • Gospel choir, or a string quartet,
  • Drone videography. 

When we are working with our clients to plan a luxury event, the first step is to identify the particular elements they love and look at ways to incorporate them into the luxury event on a grand scale.

With our professional team, our objective is to shape and guide their vision and nail down exactly what the kind of luxury event they want. We look for the best ways to personalise the event in a way that clients can directly relate to and which incorporate all their requested luxury details.

We aim to go big” and blow everyone away with our designs and we really like to encourage clients to invest in breath taking touches to keep everyone dazzled

One of the designs we like to present to our clients for their events is that of “scenes,” where guests get to experience a number of different spaces throughout the night. Just as they’ve finished taking in one spot, we pull back the curtain to reveal the next design to keep the “wows” coming.

We also like to bring in a variety of entertainment to keep everyone engaged throughout the festivities, as well as interactive food stations. 

Ultimately, there are numerous ways to give guests something to do while they’re enjoying their time at the event (other than dancing, of course!).

We love to bring in luxury elements that ‘wow’ our clients and their guests and incorporate exclusivity, artistry, and beauty.

Make no mistake -luxury touches can really boost an event to go above and beyond expectations! 

If you’re looking for the “wow” factor and are keen to get creative and look for ways to truly surprise and delight guests then you need look no further than Grace Kennedy Events a luxury event and wedding planning company based in Mayfair London  specializiing  in high-end weddings and special events worldwide.