May 10th, 2017

The Queen’s Wedding Cake Preserved for 66 Years

Keeping some of your wedding cake for your anniversary or the birth or christening of your first child is a great way to bring back some fabulous memories of your wedding day.

But little did Queen Elizabeth realise on her wedding day back in 1947 that a piece of her wedding cake would be so well preserved as to be auctioned 66 years later!  The slice of wedding cake was discovered in a filing cabinet and was put up for auction in 2013. It was beautifully presented in its original Buckingham Palace case, dated November 20, 1947 together with a compliments slip that read: ‘With the best wishes of Their Royal Highnesses The Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh’.

The original wedding cake was an enormous 9 feet high with 4 layers and some incredibly intricate decoration.  It contained rum and brandy which helped to keep it from deteriorating although it was probably no longer edible – the auctioneer said he wouldn’t recommend eating it!  It only reached £560 at the auction which was less than anticipated, however it is still a beautiful piece of history.