This luxury Marrakech Spa is a true paradise which promises to stimulate the senses, encourage relaxation and offer you a unique and unforgettable spa experience.

Upon arrival, you will begin your spiritual spa journey, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city and daily stresses as you enter into a world of tranquility and peace.

The outdoor hot air gives way to a comfortable coolness within this vast wellness area.
The purity of white, punctuated by the colourful floral bouquets and the serenity of the surroundings, are only interrupted by the melodious bird songs and the soothing sounds of the water fountains.

At the heart of this well being experience like no other is an enchanting and particularly impressive fairy-tale white wrought iron atrium, evoking an elaborate birds’ cage. Spanning three floors, the first floor , flooded with natural light is where massages, facials, water and enveloping treatments are administered, For additional privacy, there are three spa suites for private treatments and exercises all of which offer a hammam, a treatment lounge, a plunge pool, and a private terrace. Whether you are on your own, for relaxation and pampering, or with friends to share an unforgettable experience, you’ll be amazed by the elegance and comfort of these suites.

A seasonal fruit assortment will be served during your experience and you can also enjoy a light and balanced cuisine, prepared by the talented hotel chefs.on your terrace overlooking the Marrakech city walls.


pre-wedding, pampering and well-being
pre-wedding, pampering and well-being
pre-wedding, pampering and well-being


  • choice of three exclusive suites offering a hammam and private treatments
  • private lounge, plunge pool and a private terrace in your suites
  • gourmet cuisine, prepared by the talented in house chefs.
  • hairdressing salon
  • luxury face, body and hair products
  • the opportunity to stay in one of the beautiful Riads (townhouses)
  • exceptional staff
  • Grace Kennedy Event specialists to help you with all the details
  • luxurious and well being experience like no other!

All bookings are subject to availability, terms and conditions