August 16th, 2019

Destination Marrakesh & Casablanca Trip Itinerary

From Rick’s cafe to Mosques and fine dining Morocco’s luxury destinations cities have it all. Here are 7 things nobody should miss on a trip to Casablanca and Marrakesh

1. Luxury Event in Marrakesh 

Our trip began with a luxury event in Marrakesh (pictured above). What a wonderful setting with the backdrop of an amazing Morocco sunset.

2. Rick’s Cafe

Our clients are huge fans of the movie Casablanca so we organised a private lunch at Rick’s Café and they felt like they had returned to a time in the past the food and the service were excellent. The food was plentiful giving them the impression that they had ordered much much more than they actually had. The pianist (Sam !) played with his golden fingers, adding sophisticated fun to beauty.

The desserts and their cheesecake are the best in town. For ice cream lovers, they have long illustrated menu of all gelatos nicely combined with fruits.

I would make this place a must whenever you are in Casablanca and of course you can always get the T shirt !

3. SKY 28

We organised a private cocktail reception at the exclusive Sky bar on the 28-floor located in the 5-star Kenzi Tower Hotel. The cocktails are suitably extravagant, the live music tasteful, and the bar snacks are pretty good too.

A sky-high view of Casablanca peering down on the souks and old medina are breathtaking.

4. Lily’s Experience

Lily’s was a great experience. If your in the mood for Asian food this is your place. The decor is fabulous and the view of the sea is like nothing else! The food was excellent. We had everything from Sushi, dim sum chicken satay to steak and the rack of lamb was amazing everything was delicious.

5. La Sqala café Maure

Housed in an 18th century building, this traditional Moroccan restaurant nestled in the ramparts of Casablanca’s famous medina has a superb reputation and attracts large numbers of locals and tourists alike. Most visitors gravitate to the restaurant’s beautiful Andalusian garden which is dotted with pretty fountains and outdoor tables and umbrellas. As for the food, the varied menu offers classic Middle Eastern fare with an inventive flourish.

6. Morocco Mall

In a city awash with earnest historical buildings and monuments, sometimes a little modern indulgence does not go amiss. Situated in the city’s La Corniche region is this vast shopping mall, one of the largest in Africa, where you can peruse an extensive range of shops, from western high street brands to international boutiques, as well as a popular souk (market) selling local wares. The mall also features an indoor aquarium, an ice rink and a fairground, making it ideal for an afternoon with the kids. There’s also air-conditioning, to escape the stifling Casablanca heat.

7. Hassan II Mosque

Constructed less than 25 years ago, this modern-built mosque overlooking the ocean is the second-largest place of Muslim worship anywhere in the world. Gratefully for visitors it is also one of the few open to non-Muslims, meaning everyone can come and appreciate its splendour, regardless of their faith. In fact, the mosque’s beautiful interior can house up to 25,000 people at any one time, while the vast courtyard can accommodate a further 80,000.

8. Riad 21

If you’re seeking a lavish meal in opulent surroundings, you won’t find anywhere better than Riad 21, one of Casablanca’s premier dining destinations. The gilded dining room is a sight to behold and the traditional Moroccan style food is equally impressive. For a more casual visit, the restaurant is also open for early morning coffees and breakfast.