November 30th, 2020

How to Organise a Luxury Event

To organise a luxury event you first need to define what luxury is. Many people call an event a ‘luxury event’ even though the organisation and planning can leave a lot to be desired.  

Luxury is a word that is often misused and used to describe anything that might appear to be luxurious on the surface but lack the real substance that makes something truly worthy of being described as such.

Luxury is synonymous with a high price tag. Go for the luxury option and you expect an experience that is out of the ordinary.  

Luxury for us is being in a state of great comfort which lends us to think the more comfortable the event, the better it is. So we have to determine how to make our guests as comfortable as possible when planning an event.

When an event is a luxury event, guests will expect at that the finer details are taken care of at the minimum and that their comfort is assured. Comfort makes the event easier to enjoy and feel luxurious.  

Fast-moving lines, organised registration, plenty of space to move, work, dance, enjoy, eat great food – these are all the basic ingredients of a luxury event.

The success of an event will certainly be judged on the accomplishment of the finer details.

If the purpose of your event is for your guests to feel good, to have a fantastic time, to cherish their memories of that event – then your event was a success.

With this in mind here are my top five tips on how to organise a Luxury Event

1. Make it effortless to enjoy

Taking care of the finer details will make your event easier for everyone to enjoy. Organised registration, plenty of space to move, work, dance, eat – these are all the things people notice and talk about.

2 Be well organised

Lack of organisation can make life difficult in an event setting and make it far from a luxurious experience.The potential negative word of mouth could be detrimental to your reputation.

3. Know what your guests like.  

Knowing your guests’ preferences helps to ensure nobody is left out and a fun time will be had by all. From cuisine to entertainment type, room temperature and audiovisual volume level, bespoke requests – it goes without saying that  taking care of these items will lead to an engaged , more relaxed and appreciative  audience

Research is paramount, and numbers won’t lie -. use registration portals and RSVP cards to learn about your guests prior to their arrival.  This way, your clients know they will be catered for in advance – from food allergies to seating assignments ,favourite song requests and specific experiences. Your clients will have a much better time knowing their preferences have been arranged in advance.

4. Give your guests what they came for.

How do you delight your guests at an event? The answer is easy, give them what they came for. Whether this is listening to an intriguing debate topic, a fireside chat, watching a cooking demonstration by Gordon Ramsay, hearing a musical performance by their favorite artist, or celebrating a loved ones marriage with friends and family. You should also tune into your audience and make sure there is a little something for everyone, especially if it’s a mixed demographic.

Regardless of their choice the event  must be created with as much forethought as possible and meticulous organization on the planner’s part is essential. If you’re expecting Gordon Ramsay and you can only organise a  chef called Graham Ramsay instead, then guests will probably be disappointed no matter how good the food is.

5. Anticipatory is key

At Grace Kennedy Events client service is based on providing our clients with a service they need before they know they even need it. This can be something as simple as taking their coat or offering them a glass of champagne when they walk into the room.

But what makes an event a luxurious one is taking anticipatory service to the next level.-  pashminas and parasols for women and cool cocktails and sandals for men at an oceanfront wedding ceremony will make any guest think, “Wow, they wanted me to feel comfortable!”

Think about showcasing the newest event technology offered by the newest and best brand leaders   – such as Apple, Microsoft or Samsung–guests don’t even know they want the product yet, but who doesn’t want to see the latest and greatest of what’s out there?

Consider offering a complimentary charter in a Supercar to the next destination, hotel or home. Transportation was going to be provided anyway, so you might as well take it up a notch to make it part of an unforgettable experience

All of these touches are part of making an unforgettable experience with  long-lasting memorable moments.

And that’s the point right?

All of us special events industry individuals are here to create memorable moments- and of course my most memorable moments are always the ultimate luxury ones!

An industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, Grace Kennedy is the CEO director of Grace Kennedy Events. Her experienced and dedicated team has the capacity and proven ability to provide the required bespoke services to ensure once in a lifetime experiences for the most discerning of clients.