Grace Kennedy

You might say that Grace Kennedy has spent a lifetime delivering results at the very top of the scale; this world-renowned singer has a voice that transported her audiences to the ultimate destination wherever she performed. Now, Grace is transporting people once more: utilising that wealth of experience gained through performing all over the world to deliver incredible travel experiences for her clients through her Luxurious Destinations Collection, the signature brand of her company Grace Kennedy Events. Headquartered in London’s Mayfair, the company can deliver upon any client’s travel desire, be it By The Sea, In The City or In The Country.

Grace Kennedy

I want to be the first entertainer to truly make my mark on the luxury market and my concept the Luxurious Destination Collection is me putting my stamp on it. I’ve seen things from both sides performing concerts, galas and special appearances globally which has enabled me to have a very clear vision of what people need from a luxurious Wedding or event, and it’s given me the experience and global network to deliver those magical experiences that live forever in the memory. That’s what I’m all about

Grace Kennedy

As CEO of her own company, Grace knows that she has a voice in the world of business. However, Grace always knew that she had a voice. Her singing career began at the Star Finders Club in London where, on Wednesday nights when participation was encouraged, she would perform with the band and regularly blow the audiences away. People quickly began talking about this young girl and before long she was scouted for Opportunity Knocks. This iconic show was certainly a springboard for Grace and by the age of 15 she was performing all over the UK

Learning her craft through numerous shows led to another big break. Having appeared on a one-off show, Southern TV’s Star Treatment, Grace was again scouted, this time by the leading TV producer Stewart Morris. He saw something in this young, talented and confident, young performer and before she knew it Grace was stepping up to front her own show. She worked with celebrity personalities such as Bruce Forsyth, Al Jarreau, The Pointer Sisters and Lulu. Grace’s show was an instant success, consequently solidifying her status as a celebrity in her own right. Grace even took a role - playing the glamorous ‘Sharday’ - in the iconic international hit show Magnum PI alongside leading actor Tom Selleck.

However, her focus was on TV and The Grace Kennedy Show saw her working continuously with the BBC for three years. “I had to learn everything about how production works – I needed to have an opinion on camera work, positions, and logistics. It was an incredible masterclass in how to turn something from a notion into a reality” It’s a lesson that she learnt well and one that has stayed with her

When I organise experiences or events I know that I can deliver because I’ve always done so. With my TV shows I was fully involved behind the scenes. We were innovative and successful – at one point we were even broadcasting our BBC show from Hong Kong!

The show also won a BAFTA award.

The experience with The Grace Kennedy Show led her into the world of huge corporate shows and appearances. The timing was good for as Grace transitioned into this new world, the power of TV light entertainment began to fade. “I was always first and foremost an entertainer and performer. Grace recorded several very successful albums, for the legendary DJM label and the BBC, her song ‘Starting Again’ reached the top 30 in the US chart, and her collaboration with 80’s icon Boy George ‘The Wishing Well Song’ became a top twenty hit in the UK. “I embraced all the breaks that came my way and I knew that I wanted to be a key player in this new world and understand it. I organised and performed six concerts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for Toyota, finishing with a huge concert at the Emirates Golf Club. I put the whole production together - I knew I could do it because I had done it before!”

As Grace says, “Passion and energy underscore everything that I do; everything must be organised and coordinated well. That’s as true today as it was when I was performing. I established my reputation in one world and now I’m building on it in another.”

The reputation that Grace Kennedy has built is indeed crucial to what she does. The luxury industry knows just what she can do. Delivering top level service, consistency and of course that elusive “wow” factor is all part of Grace’s DNA. “I want to deliver that uplifting feeling, to ensure my clients feel special, and that everyone is relaxed and happy. My Luxurious Destination Collection offers a very special exclusive element that really makes the difference.”

Exceeding client expectations is part of what Grace loves about her work. She proudly remembers a well-known TV presenter being on the verge of tears because her wedding theme was a winter wonderland and when she walked into the venue that Grace had designed for her wedding gasped in wonderment, “You made it snow!” she gasped, “It looks absolutely incredible”. Delivering achievements like this take an enormous amount of effort; all part of the service.

Whilst she has travelled the world to find the best of the best, Grace also has special memories of wonderful experiences that have shaped what she does now daily. She understands that bringing together the right people and the right venues can make for a memorable experience. Grace laughs as she remembers Sammy Davis Jr. whom she first met when they performed together on The Royal Variety Show with Aretha Franklin. Unbeknown to most people he was a very talented chef who insisted on inviting Grace back to his suite at the Four Seasons hotel in London so that he could cook scallops for her, and his wife! “To me he is and always will be the first, and certainly the best, celebrity chef!”

Grace Kennedy is right at home in the Luxury sector. It’s what she knows and understands. That natural ease and understanding comes from rubbing shoulders with numerous celebrities. Reputation and delivery is everything and that’s what underpins the Collection.

The Luxurious Destination Collection is the embodiment of everything that Grace Kennedy sets out to do through her company. By bringing in special concessions with the likes of the Royal Mansour in Morocco she can offer so much more than anybody else. “It’s not something new to me. I have worked in amazing venues in Morocco before, and now I am doing it again. I’m home! I personalise the experiences and that gives me the buzz and the immense satisfaction in a job well done”.

Though I can handle the biggest events, I want to keep that boutique feel,” Grace explains. “I will always retain the personal touch and that’s why I trade under my own name. It’s the highest guarantee I can give. My name means something: it means that I give my heart and soul to every project. I take care of every detail - it has to be perfect. I don’t expect second chances, and I don’t need them. I deliver tight schedules with everything on time and beautifully produced – much like one of my shows!

Grace Kennedy

Grace is trusted by time-pressured clients who want her tried and tested approach to delivering the most magical travel experiences. She is trusted by venues such as the Mansour, which is part of the Luxurious Destination Collection experience because they want to be part of the process when Grace brings people and experiences together.

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