June 19th, 2020

Destination Weddings With Waterfalls

Luxury Weddings With Waterfalls

What could be more romantic than a destination wedding near a waterfall? Waterfalls are in many ways symbolic of a marriage and that strong energy in a relationship which brings a couple to marriage and commitment. The best marriages never lose that energy as the love continues to flow leading to the calm waters of a mature relationship and the strong bonds formed over time.

Waterfalls are as much about beauty as they are about the forces of nature that surround us and this makes these natural wonders of our world perfect as a background to your special day.

The only challenge to finding that perfect waterfall wedding destination is finding the right one. Waterfalls are often major tourist attractions due to their unique charms and they can often be in remote areas that are difficult to reach. For an occasion to look back on, however, the world’s waterfalls offer a destination experience like no other.

With this in mind, here are some of our top luxury destinations for weddings with waterfalls:

Waterfall Weddings In The Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is perhaps one of the most popular wedding destinations for people all over the world and if you ever get to experience a wedding in the Caribbean you’ll understand why. A warm climate all year round awaits and this is what makes the Caribbean islands a tropical paradise.

Expect spectacular cascading waterfalls, tropical flora and fauna and plenty of rustic elements to complete the setting for your wedding photos.  You will genuinely feel at one with nature during your ceremony with lush green hills and pools fed by natural springs and rivers.

You may also get exclusive use of the areas around some waterfalls in the Caribbean, unlike other destinations in the world where you may have to share the natural wonders with tourists.  

The best months for destination weddings in the Caribbean are October, November and December when the weather isn’t so hot and humid and you don’t have the risk of hurricanes spoiling your plans.

Waterfall Weddings In Bali

As far as luxury destinations go, Bali has to rank as one of the most spectacular and it certainly has its fair share of waterfalls with truly breathtaking surroundings.

The island has eight large waterfalls in total along with some that are smaller and more secluded.  The most famous waterfalls in Bali associated with weddings are the Tegenungan Waterfall in Gianyar, The Nung Nung Waterfall in North Denpasar and the Git Git Waterfall in Singaraja.

One thing to be aware of with these and other waterfall wedding venues in Bali is the remoteness. It can sometimes take hours to reach your venue often with more than an hour’s walking to do to get to the best spots.  Both you and your guests will need a reasonable level of fitness to get the most from your waterfall wedding in Bali.

The best times to plan your wedding in Bali are in July, August and September, which are the driest months of the year but you may also encounter heavy downpours even in these months so good preparation is key.

Waterfall wedding venues

A Waterfall Wedding In Africa

The most spectacular waterfall wedding destination in Africa has to be Victoria Falls, one of the great wonders of the world. Victoria Falls has to be the ultimate backdrop as it also happens to be the world’s largest waterfall at twice the height of Niagra Falls. Victoria Falls can be found on the border separating Zambia and Zimbabwe. No European had set eyes on it until 1855 when the explorer David Livingston first encountered it.  

As with most waterfall destination weddings, organising a ceremony close to Victoria Falls will present more of a challenge to organise than your average wedding but the experience will be one you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Being the largest waterfall in the world, there will be no shortage of potential settings for your big day and the only obstacles are likely to be linked to seasonal conditions and getting to your location if it is more remote.

Due to the sheer volume of water cascading you’ll need good hearing if you are close which is why couples tend to choose spots along the riverbank or even rainforests, although guest numbers can be restricted in these settings. The best time of year to plan a wedding at Victoria falls is between April and September when the falls can be viewed at their best.

If you would like to plan a spectacular destination wedding, then give us a call to discuss you plans and how we can make your dreams become reality.