Luxury Bali Wellness Retreat

07 - 14 October 2019

The Ultimate Luxury Experience
Yoga Spa Retreat
Exclusive Holiday to Grace Kennedy Events and Belightfull

Grace - 0207 499 3345

Vicky - 07832 345455



  • VIP Fast Track, Meet and Greet service at the airport (both arrival and return)
  • Airport transfer in luxury private vehicle (both arrival and return)
  • 7 nights in a one bedroom opulently decorated & furnished villa with private pool
  • Fresh delicious breakfast
  • Healthy lunches provided
  • Tantric meditation for the body and soul
  • Guided local nature and culture experience
  • Yoga classes with top instructors
  • One-on-one sessions with Top Health Fitness and Natural Beauty coach
  • 7 course aphrodisiac tasting menu created by Michelin-starred chef

One bedroom luxury villa for seven nights two adults sharing based on Beyond the Limits Bali Experience

Flights are not included.

Deposit secures spot.

All bookings are subject to availability, terms and conditions.

So if you want to take this chance to step into a world of indulgence and self-discovery, call Grace 0207 499 3345 or Vicky 07832 345455

Sponsors & Partners

The Grace Kennedy Events Experience!

From your first enquiry through to arriving at this luxurious resort, our team will be on hand to make this break as special as possible. We have crafted this escape to allow our clients to immerse themselves in the beauty and luxury that the incredible country of Bali has to offer. This handpicked hotel will exceed all of your expectations and deliver the first class experience that all of our guests come to expect.

Let our team take care of everything so that you and your partner can escape and unwind in a truly breathtaking location. We promise to make this luxury experience truly special & truly memorable.


Grace Kennedy

Hugo Boss - Group Press & PR

Thank you for a fantastic launch party. Your show-stopping welcoming surprise captivated everyone – we thought we’d arrived at the Oscars! It was the best launch party we’ve had, thanks to your brilliant organising. Well done!

Vincent Kompany - Manchester City Captain

You translated our vision with such style, grace and professionalism. You poured your heart and soul into every detail and EVERY detail exceeded our expectations and our guests were thoroughly impressed with your talents. We sincerely thank you for making our wedding, a dream come true!

Sir Bruce Forsyth

I have known Grace for a very long time and she is a very special and valued friend. She has an extraordinary talent for organising events with a unique passion and flair to ensure everything is just perfect.

Viktoriya Khoma

Sondra Dzyra

Viktoriya showed me that I can conquer, rise up, step out, be real, magnificent, awesome and be the very best version of myself. She is the best Teacher, Healer, an Example to follow, a Motivator I have ever met......Well done !!!!!

Kabbalah Centre Staff Care

Viktoriya specialises in the unique requirements of each person and helps guide each individual as such to reach their full potential. With her joyous energy and modernity, she is able to mould our workforce into a strong and solid unit, allowing our workers to do the best they can at their jobs.

Helena Vesela

I really love how she easily combines luxury, taste and touch of something unique to everything she does. She sees the best in you and makes sure you see it as well. As one of her most demanding clients, she keeps me healthy, happy, younger, stronger and feeling absolutely amazing each day.

This unique experience is an alluring way to awaken your body and soul and envelop your senses with a combination of decadent spa treatments, healthy eating created by Michelin-starred chef and traditional Balinese rituals.

Designed to echo the emotions of pure love and happiness, this enticing, luxurious and exclusive experience is an unrivalled chance to tap into your Anahata chakra - the chakra of love - and the Swadhisthana chakra which is said to govern desire and passion within your body, harnessing the ancient powers of spiritualism and sensory magic in order to awaken the fires in your soul and help you connect with your loved one on a new level.
Bali Experience Brochure

Full Moon Yoga

A special element of this wellness experience.

Guests will learn how to embrace the power and uplifting energy of this important day in the Balinese calendar. Moon Salutations honour the yin or divine feminine side of their energy and counterbalance the Yang or masculine nature of classical Sun Salutations. A connection is made with the energy.
Bali Experience Brochure
Bali Experience Brochure