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Based in London, we plan, design and manage world class luxury events across the world. At Grace Kennedy Events we have access to the most picturesque destinations providing the perfect back drop for any event no matter how big or small

Luxury Event Planning


London based International Luxury Wedding Planner Grace Kennedy and her team are here to design and deliver the wedding of your dreams either at home or across the globe. Our bespoke wedding planning service is designed to take the stress away. Feel free to explore what we have to offer.

Luxury Wedding Planning


The Luxury Destination Collection is a unique selection of locations exclusive to Grace Kennedy Events. Handpicked by Grace herself, she aims to provide a truly magical setting for any wedding, honeymoon, party or event

Luxury Destination Weddings & Events


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Having achieved worldwide stardom as a singer and presenter and actress Grace Kennedy has a unique link with the celebrity world which has granted her one of a kind insight into the luxury event business. Having hosted her own prime time television series in the 1980s and working with a whole host of talents including the likes of Aretha Franklin, Bruce Forsyth, Sammy Davis jr and Marvin Hamlisch, Grace also made her mark by appearing in iconic television series Magnum PI and appearing in two Royal Variety Shows. Also enchanting crowds with her brother Errol Kennedy in the iconic 80’s pop/funk trio “Imagination”, Grace Kennedy has transferred her skills from these various industries to become a leading events planner with an inside knowledge of exactly what makes occasions of all kinds something special.


" ... you put your heart and soul in to every detail and every detail excessed our expectations."

Manchester City captain Vincent & Carla Kompany.


We plan and organise memorable luxury elite events and parties. With our one of a kind personal service, an unforgettable experience is created for you and your guests no matter what the event. By working with you to create an occasion that is fully cohesive in every way, we will not only find the perfect venues and caterers but also look at the smaller details such as table dressings and decorations so that every part of your event is perfectly designed. We can work with you on grand parties or smaller, more intimate gatherings such as evening soirees. Designing an event with Grace Kennedy Events guarantees the “wow” factor every time.

Luxury Party Planning

When you want to throw a spectacular event, the sheer scale of the task can seem incredibly daunting – there are hundreds of decisions to make, ideas to ponder and issues to take care of. Details such as time, venue, catering, pre-event building access, room decoration, party theme, entertainment options, photographers and videographers, furnishings, transport for guests and invitations to name but a few.

You’re effectively responsible for the entire logistical success of a party! It can take something you were excited about and make it something you dread. If it’s not something you’re used to, it’s a minefield and can cause you nothing but stress.

By hiring a luxury event planner you have a trusted professional take care of things for you. Someone who has experience of event organisation, a logistical plan, lots of useful contacts and knows how to put together a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

It means you can focus on the fun and exciting elements – what you are going to wear, who you’re going to invite, how to add a touch of sparkle to your celebration!

A party should be nothing but joy for you and by having an expert party planner working to deliver your vision, all of your focus can be on the fun elements of the celebration. You can rely on the party planner to make sure the details you want have been taken care of, rather than having to stress about the important elements in the build-up.

Take the stress out of your event and make it something you look forward to rather than fear. Hire a luxury event planner and leave it to the professionals to deliver a party you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Throwing a party should be about fun, so let us take the stress out of it for you!